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Home Inspection Services

All homes have strong and weak points, they are not always what they seem. Gain the perspective and sound information you need to make better decisions with a home inspection performed by an experienced professional home inspectors. A good home inspectors works through a very long checklist of potential concerns to identify the major and minor deficiencies in the home and helps to put those items into perspective for you.

Pre-Sale Home Inspections Before You List
Knowledge is power. All homes have strengths and weaknesses: we help you answer how serious the problems are and which must be immediately addressed and which can wait. The more you know about your home, the more prepared you will be for negotiation. It permits you to make repairs ahead of time so that the defects won't become stumbling blocks later. You will get a chance to fix the issues we find before the buyer come though and finds them. Your home will show better because we will leave a hard copy of the report on the counter for all to see as they tour your home. They will know your home is in top shape.

1-Year Warranty Home Inspection
Most builders provide a one year warranty for new construction. Generally during this period of time the buyer develops a "punch list" of corrections for the contractor to repair under the warranty coverage. Some defects will not be obvious to the untrained eye. It is prudent to obtain a home inspectors list of items that will most likely be repaired by your builder at no cost to you. You will be reassured knowing that potential problems were addressed before they grew into something that could cost you a great deal down the road. Most of the issues we find will be covered by the builder and at no expense to you.

Buyers' Home Inspection on Used Homes
The best way to ensure that you are well informed about the strengths and weaknesses of a property is to have a professional home inspection. Home inspectors are trained to identify problem areas both small and large that may have been overlooked by the previous owners and to identify which require immediate attention. We find often times when home owners do repairs themselves, they do them improperly. You want us to discover those problems. Financially, you want to know what you're getting into. Problems you were not aware of could potentially cost you thousands of dollars. A home is a big investment; knowledge of the homes condition provides you peace of mind. Feel confident in your purchase decision by getting your home inspected.

Landlord Investment Property Inspections
Get a full picture of needed repairs or upgrades which can increase the value of your property; verify that work has been completed to the highest standards before giving your approval. It also documents the condition of the property before renters move in.

Rental Property Home Inspection
This inspection can help point out safety issues in the property for you and your family. This type of inspection will document the condition of the property before moving in. Having this done by a third party will help in the process of the return of a security deposit in many cases. We can also help out of state owners documents issues that are in need of repair with their rental.

New Construction
We quite often find issues even in new built homes like plumbing drainage issues, electrical issues, shortage on insulation in the attic, insulation too close to canister lighting which is a fire hazard, double tapped electrical pannels, cracked or damaged tile, improper installation of roof flashing which can be an access point for water intrusion etc. Protect your investment by having us come out to inspect your new home. Sub contractors often become sloppy and rushed resulting in improper installation.

Home Maintenance Inspection
In the course of living in a home, many home owners often overlook, or else become accustomed to seeing, deferred maintenance issues within their own home. Also, some maintenance issues aren't readily seen except by a trained professional and home owners often aren't even aware that they exist. While some of these maintenance issues may be minor and inconsequential, many seemingly minor issues (like deteriorated caulk around windows), may lead to more serious problems (such as wood rot within walls). Some problems, such as bad electrical wiring or deteriorated furnace vents, are safety concerns and potentially life threatening. Items we find typically cost less to repair when caught early. We will spend 3 to 4 hours inspecting your home and our comprehensive report will create your personal 'honey-do' list allowing you to budget for large upcoming expenses and keep your home in top shape.

We can look at your entire home with trained, critical eyes and help you become aware of all of the maintenance issues regarding your home, from top to bottom, inside and out. He will also help you set priorities and make recommendations for repairs.

Let your inspector spot the problems (new and old), before you commit to so major an investment and decision. A trained professional has seen it all and will provide invaluable help in turning you into a knowledgeable consumer. Home owners can identify problems in the making and take preventive measures to avoid costly repairs. Sellers can understand conditions the buyer's inspector may point out and put the property in better selling condition by making repairs.

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