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We Are a Locally Owned Gilbert Home Inspection Company
Servicing The Entire Phoenix Valley Area.
  • Phoenix Metro Area
  • East Valley including: Gilbert, Mesa , Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Tempe, Scottsdale, & Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Gold Canyon, Apache Junction, Maricopa
When most people call to inquire about a home inspection, this is the generally the first and only question on their minds. They mistakenly believe that they are buying the same service from each inspector and that if they can save a couple of bucks by finding someone $25.00 cheaper, they have been a smart shopper. This couldn't be further from the truth. Ask how long the inspection takes. Like any industry, inspectors must be competitively priced to stay in business. While some inspectors charge a little less, they make up for it by performing three to five inspections per day. We take our time to provide you a detailed in-depth inspection. We only schedule two inspections a day, never any more.

We actually walk the roof when safe to do so, crawl into the assessable areas of the attic to investigate and check every single outlet, all of which exceeds the minimum requirement for home inspectors. We provide a level of detail above and beyond most basic inspections. Our inspections exceed the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors standards and adhere to Arizona State standards.

Also, we do not nickel and dime you on fees. For example, we do not charge an extra fee for older homes, saving you upwards of $75.00 that other home inspection companies charge. We also check the sprinkler system for leaks, at no additional charge. Other companies charge upwards of $50.00 to inspect the sprinklers heads.
We spend an average of three to four hours at the home being inspected. We then take the information gathered at the inspection to our office to analyze and prepare a professional, in-depth report. This takes time and it is the primary reason we perform a maximum of only two inspections per day. We send the report out that very evening of the inspection. When you do the math, we provide you best price, per hour, along with being competitively priced.
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Our prices are based on square footage of your home and start at $300 for our extensive in-depth inspection.

Call us for a actual quote. We save you money because we do not charge extra age fees and no extra region fees or zip code fees etc like most companies. We can be hundreds of dollars less because we don't have those added fees tacked on to the base price. Call us for a quick quote!

We are based in the Gilbert. Areas West of Phoenix and North of Scottsdale or over 40 miles will be charged a $50.00 travel fee in order to keep our prices low.