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I am a mortgage professional and have known Craig and Kristine Owens for several years now.  I was even a seller on a home that a buyer used Owen and Associates for their inspection. These people really know what they?re doing and go above and beyond what the State minimums are for their clients.  They check every electrical outlet and even get up onto the roof, which is something that not every inspector will do.  If you?re looking for a thorough Home Inspection with easy to understand reports, I whole-heartedly recommend Owen and Associates Home Inspection.
Pamela Crawford

I'm a real estate broker, and I've been working with Owen & Associates Home Inspection for a few years now, and I am consistently impressed with Craig's inspection skills and his ability to communicate with my clients. As a listing agent, I see quite a lot of home inspection reports from other inspectors, and again, it's a reminder that Craig's reports set him apart from the competition. He takes hundreds of photos and does a thorough inspection. It provides peace of mind for my buyer clients.
Heather Werner

I know everyone who buys a home gets a home inspection but Owens and associates reports are awesome. They really help you get the things fixed so you don't get messed around. I really appreciate the folks at Owens and associates they just do it right. Thank you Craig and Kristine
Pat Meehan

Owens and associates are amazing they are very helpful and great people they will always answer any questions you have. They helped me get on my way to having my own home inspection business I am very grateful to them for everything thank you kristine and Craig.
Will Hanson

Craig did a very thorough and professional inspection.  He was very knowledgeable and happily answered any questions that I had.
Alex Halloran
I had Owen and Associates perform an inspection on my home. Craig was
thorough and by through I mean, extremely detail oriented. An example would
be the .50 cent small piece of PVC pipe missing from a condensation drain
that he promptly pointed out! He spent many hours just on the outside
examining the roof and exterior walls for cracks and/or defects. He even
noticed a protective collar missing from one of our appliance vents on the
roof. After a couple of hours, it was time to begin inside, attic and all.
One very nice part of the detailed report we were given is the photos of
everything that was inspected. Areas that need attention were carefully
mapped out. Craig demonstrated the highest ethics and professionalism his
field demands, and I am very happy that we had our inspection performed by
such a professional. Thank you Owen and Associates!
Elliot Horowitz

Kris and Craig did the home inspection on my wife's and my first home together as newlyweds. This was a big investment for us and I wanted someone I trusted and that had a great reputation. They went above and beyond. They provided a detailed catalog of every area of the home so that we were at ease when purchasing the home. Craig answered any questions I had. I very highly recommend Owen & Associates.
Rick Warner

I recently used Owen and Associates for a home inspection on an older home that had been used as a rental. I have used 3 different companies, in my past 28 yrs of home buying, to help evaluate a purchase. I will look no further. I found Owen and Associates to be professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy, and extremely helpful to accommodate my schedule. They have gained a loyal customer for life.
P McGinnity
Craig was so infomative and really gave us useful feedback on our recent home inspection. Thanks for the great service!
Angie of Freedom Landscaping

I have bought and sold many properties and used many inspection companies. Owen is head and shoulders above the rest. Craig, the inspector, only does 2 inspections per day so he has time to do a thorough job. Other inspectors do 4 or 5 inspections per day so they always have to rush. The inspection reports Owen provides are exceptionally clear and easy to understand, wit lots of pictures. His price is below what a lot of other companies charge. I have only used Craig Owen for my last several transactions and I highly recommend Owen and Associates.
Tom Speaks
As a real estate professional, I highly recommend these folks to all of my clients! They are courteous, dependable, and are very thorough with their inspections! They take lots of photos, do an excellent presentation of their findings with the buyers, and their reports are complete and easy to understand! They are my number one choice!
Gail Robertson

If I could give more stars I would. Very professional, very thorough inspection of a house were were looking to purchase. Did a walk through of results at the end of his inspection which was invaluable. Great report. Easy to follow. Highly recommend.
Anita Marks

Owen and Associates does the best possible job when inspecting a home. They never cut corners. They take their time to do the job right. They walk the roof and inspect the crawl spaces and attic by actually going into them. The best part is, they're good people! You won't find a company more honest and trustworthy. I highly recommend Owen and Associates. I trust them so much, I had them inspect my 85 year old mother's house.
Brenda Tucker

We used Owen and Assc. for our home. We used Owen's for our 1 year pre-inspection and found important issues that we presented to our builder, and our builder covered. The Owen Assc., are very professional and responsive to our calls and questions. I would highly recommend them. I would give them an A+ service.
Ann Sack

We were getting ready to sell our house so I called Owen and Associates to inspect our home so that we won't have any surprises. They were very thorough and if I were a buyer, I sure would want Owen and Associates on my side. When we bought our home, we didn't know about Owen and Associates so we had another home inspector come out and perform the final inspection. He missed several items that Owen and Associates would have caught. It's very important that you have a knowledgeable and thorough inspection done on your house and Owen and Associates is the best choice in the East Valley.
Matt Kendall

Great service and a very complete and detailed inspection that was easy to read and understand. Great photos and when I had a question I was able to call the inspector on a Sat and talk with him through the details. Great experience.
Vince Carr

I would like to thank you and Craig for the inspection. The report was very detailed, and it enabled me to negotiate an additional $2,000 off of the price of the home. Thanks again, and I appreciate the work and the quick response time. Have a great weekend.

I wish I could give Owen and Associates more than 5 stars! I feel like I hit the jackpot using them for our inspection process to purchase our first home. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable and professional, but they are also some of the kindest people I have ever come across. Craig came out to re-inspect multiple times--two of those times were with extremely short notice (doubly amazing!)-- but they understood that we were about to close and wanted to make sure everything was done right. I am so thankful for them! Home buying can be an intense process, but I guarantee you will feel like you are in good hands working with Owen and Associates.
Abbie C
I used Owen & Associates to inspect a new construction home we were purchasing. They came in before we closed and did a full inspection. That was VERY VERY helpful. They found several issues that needed addressing including a double tap on a fuse in the our fuse box that was a potential hazard. Since it was before closing on our new home the builder was responsible for all of the repairs and we didn't have to pay for them. Craig Owen went through every inch of our new home, gave us a long very detailed report and walked the property with us to show us all the issues. He was extremely thorough. We felt very confident closing on our new home - there were no surprises waiting for us.We have now been in out home for a year. In speaking to the neighbors everyone was complaining about getting the home builder to make repairs on their homes for the 1 year warranty work. I was happy to report that I had NO repairs other than the usual exterior stucco cracks that the home builder filled and repaired for every new home. All of my construction issues/repairs had been discovered by Owen & Associates and repaired by the builder before closing. Now all my neighbors are wishing they had their new homes inspected before closing too!Thank you Owen & Associates you saved me time and money and gave me peace of mind! I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone buying a home, new or used.
Karen Windsor-Worrel
KWW Design LLC
Wanted to thank your husband for his expertise this morning and say how much my wife was "impressed" with his personality and efficiency. Hope to recommend you to others. Thanks to Clint!. (Clint Whitney at My City Lender)
Caldwell and Barbara Bowers
Thank you for the home inspection and report. I appreciate the rush job that you did for us! I will definitely be recommending your company to anyone needing a home inspection.
Chad Palmer
Thank you, Kristine. I've received the report. It's one of the best I've seen!
My best,
Florin V. Ivan
Sun Valley Estates Realty
Designated Broker & REALTORŪ
office: (602) 341-3975 | fax: (480) 772-4752

"In my time doing home remodeling, I have worked with many home inspectors. Craig Owens is by far the best that I have worked with. His reports are concise and understandable. I would highly recommend him for all of your inspection needs"
John Hunt
Hunts Custom Homes & Remodeling, Inc.
What makes Craig a great home inspector is that he really knows what he's talking about. I have spent most of my life in the construction business and most other Home Inspectors don't completely understand how a house is built. As a result they often say there is a problem when it really isn't a problem or the take a small problem and blow it out of proportion. Craig tells it like it is, and I can tell you from experience that his knowledge of construction is exceptional.
David Sampson
Treehouse Group Realty
Owen and Associates Home Inspections is my 'go to' home inspection company because I know they will provide my clients with the most thorough inspection possible. Craig did a home inspection for a client of mine recently, after which we had a general contractor out to provide quotes for the necessary repairs. After looking over the 30 plus page report he was completely astounded. He said he had never seen a more comprehensive home inspection report and he has been in the business over 20 years. I would highly recommend Owen and Associates Home Inspection to anyone who is looking purchase a home whether it is a new build or resale.
Nikki Janulewicz, Associate Broker
AWESOME inspection I was very impressed with the way he took time for everything. I will definitly recommend your company. Thank you for all your help. Should anyone I know need your services, I will be sure to recommend you very highly. You are extremely thorough and very informative. I feel comfortable that we are purchasing a home that will be trouble free and not require any major work right away or in the near future.
Best regards,
Mitch Robertson
I want to say thanks for a well done inspection. I was at my future home and followed the inspector and was very impressed with the inspection he was doing. He inspected every nook and cranny of the home and advised me of certain possible problems if any should arise and or items needing attention. I admired his patience during the whole inspection even though it was hot outside. He never at anytime showed any feelings of cutting the inspection short. I highly recommend this company to anyone for a very complete home inspection.
Steve Madrid
Over the past few years, we have had many dealings with several home inspection companies throughout the valley. The inspection company which stands out above and beyond all of the other companies we have dealt with is Owen and Associates, LLC. We have found them to be not only top quality, but professional, knowledgeable, punctual, and friendly. They are a major player on our team. Our clients appreciate the service and quality that Craig and Kristine bring to their transaction. Craig does a thorough inspection, and an equally good if not better walk through/explanation of his findings for the client. Kristine is top-notch in getting the details of the transaction right, so that there is a seamless execution throughout the inspection. Both are equally accommodating, excellent and proficient in their service to the client. We can't emphasize enough the value Owen and Associates brings to each inspection, and to each client.The Wainwright Group
Michael E. Wainwright, Elaine A. Wainwright, and Adam E. Wainwright, PLLC
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
I have found that Kristine and Craig have been the best at taking care of my clients during their Home Inspection process. Craig answer's my Buyer's questions and concerns in a very patient, calm, and knowledgeable way. He has a way to make a Buyer feel most at ease with each inspection issue that arises by addressing the situation at hand and going over all options for repair. Never do my client's feel their inspection is cut short during an Inspection walk through. The online Inspection reports and ordering the termite inspection are also very valuable to me and my clients. I highly recommend Owen and Associates LLC because of the exceptional quality of service. It is my company of choice for all my clients home inspection needs.
Ann Dominguez Realtor
West USA Realty
Thank you for comprehensive inspection. I appreciate how you took time to walk through the house explaining all the issues to me so I had a better idea of what things needed my attention. My last inspector I used when I bought the home did not take the time you did and seemed to rush though things. I am very glad I called you for a maintenance inspection. I would never of known the tiles on the roof needed attention until my roof leaked, thanks! I can now fix the problem before it becomes a bigger problem causing me more money to fix. I am glad I called you!
Donna Meek, Gilbert AZ

"I would like to express my gratitude for the great service I have received from Owen and Associates. The inspection was done very professionally, trustworthy and

on a timely manner. I was very impressed by the thorough report I have received.I highly recommend Owens and Associates for home inspections. "
Thank you,
Martine M., Gilbert AZ
In my opinion your company is exceptional from the initial contact to the final detailed report. I appreciate the time you took to go through every single detail with my buyer, not to mention the detailed report. I feel confident that my client was informed about the home she was purchasing. I will continue to refer clients and other agents to your business with great confidence that they will be well taken care of. Thank you for doing an outstanding job!
Renne Foster
Real Estate Agent
Independence Realty Professionals

To Whom It May Concern,

I would recommend Owen & Associates, LLC. I used their service when I bought a newer home in Florence. Some of the items Craig found included roofing problems, toilet seals, and air conditioning run off. All of these items were under a contractors warranty and thus didn't cost me a penny. Craig showed me all of the problems after he had completed the inspection. I also received an extensive report with pictures and explanations.

Again I would recommend Owen & Associates, LLC for a home inspection. They were professional and punctual.

Carla Walker
Florence AZ