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Photo Gallery - We Have Seen Some Strange Things!

Condensate Drain Line into Vent Stack           AC Unit Sitting on Rotting Boards
Charred Framing in Attic                               Gap In Window - Does Not Seal
Kitchen Missing in  Forcelosed Home                 Missing Components on A/C Unit
Incorrect Plumbing Allows Sewer Gasses Into House          Damaged Framing
Altered Trusses From Remodel -No Permit       Insulation to Close, Fire Hazard
Loss of Structural Integrity
Incorrect installation                                                       Unfinished Stucco
Altered Foundation                                                          Hole on Plenum on AC Unit
No Access to Sunroom Except Through Window    Attic Access                                                                                             Hatch  on Roof
Ledger Board Not Properly Attached to House     Dryer Vents into Attic - Fire Hazard
Live Exposed Wires Under a Deck - Safetyy Hazard         Damaged Vent Pipe
Two wires into one circuit-Fire hazard
Undersized wire into breaker-It can overheat-Fire hazard

Safety Sensor Mounted Too High - Safety Hazard
Could Injure an Animal or Child

Collapsed Exhaust Vent Duct

Missing Pipe Insulation

Pipe Not Connected

Leak Under Sink

Plumbing Supported by 2x4

Exhaust Vent Not Connected

AC Duct Disconnected in Attic

Homemade Bidet, this was just interesting!

Cable Routed Through Waste Vent Stack

Piping Not Connected
Garage door pulley rubs against wire- fire hazard

Instruction Manual Left Inside Attic Fan
Guess what this is...No not a turd...A rat!